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    All-in-one cloud solution for education.
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Educate, communicate & collaborate!

Masterplan enables you to have continuous insight into learning outcomes. The online student portfolio helps to discover talent. We believe transparency, communication, and collaboration are part of a successful educational process. This helps to boost the educational partnership between schools, students, and parents.

Masterplan is a smart all-in-one educational system for enrollment and day-to-day administrative tasks. At the sametime, it is a social platform. And it's available for all operating systems and devices, mobile included!

Parents and students

Everyone has a talent. Masterplan helps to uncover this talent by enabling parents and students to own their own data. They control with whom their data is being shared. Besides that, they can save their own data so it never gets lost. Masterplan is meant for life-long learning.

Masterplan is available for all browsers and operating systems and for mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows).

Discover Masterplan

Schools and teachers

Masterplan is an all-in-one system. A single sign on system that allows you to easily communicate with individuals or a whole class. Masterplan also allows collaboration between teachers. Within a school, and even nationally or globally if you like.

You have one single username and password for all of your everyday administrative tasks. No separate administration, mailbox, dropbox, or google account; all you need is included!

Masterplan for schools

Privacy and security

Who owns student data? How do we safely store data? And with whom can data be shared? Masterplan is the new way to take care of data and solves privacy issues by means of smart online 'consent' features.

Masterplan offers students an individual digital safebox and in the case of minors, parents are in charge. Start to collect your own data, from preschool untill graduation. 

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Learning analytics can definitely help to improve education. But education is not only about grades or 'data' but also about personal attention and individual growth. We offer a unique online portfolio, starting at primary school and continuing until after graduation. Masterplan literally focuses on a child and offers schools a platform that enables them to take care of their day-to-day tasks. But Masterplan also includes tools to develop 21st century skills!

Communication, collaboration, and participation are important themes within our system. The parent portal enables educational cooperation and offers secured communication through 'gated community' solutions. Privacy always comes first!

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Masterplan is the mission of four fathers with a background in research and data collection. They noticed that schools were struggling with many different systems and tools. They wanted to simplify administrative processes in order to reduce work pressure for teachers. They also noticed that data gets lost once pupils move from primary school to higher education and wanted to be able to save data during the entire educational process, so that it could be used for learning analytics.

2007 - National School Survey

2007 - National School Survey

Our founder, father of 3, was asked to conduct a parent satisfaction survey on paper. He offered to prepare an online survey. Soon hundreds of schools participated and were using this survey. It became a huge success and we had tons of data. We started analyzing results and developed an online analytics dashboard, which helped schools use the outcomes to improve results.

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2010 - Schoolregister

2010 - Schoolregister

We decided to publish the results of thousands of surveys. All major newspapers, TV stations, blogs etc. covered our publication. As a result of that, thousands of parents asked questions about education in general. We created a second website that made education information easier to understand. We now own the world’s largest database of school information.

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2014 - Masterplan

2014 - Masterplan

We also noticed that teachers spend a lot of time on administrative tasks. And we also started to see that they were using many systems and portals. At the same time, schools informed us that they do not know how to handle data and secure privacy. We wanted to improve that. We started to build Masterplan, with CRM as a basis for a disruptive model for education.

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Education in figures

Over 10 billion USD is being spent on education this year (to date) on a global scale. A significant part of that amount is spent on ICT and administrative systems. Masterplan contributes to help lower the costs and introduces an all-in-one global solution. Below are some figures on education.


Average teacher to pupil ratio


Million schoolchildren worldwide


Million teachers worldwide


School enrollment, secondary (% gross)


We offer solutions for all types of communication with parents, teachers, students, or with teams. Each class has its own online micro-portal. 

Social network

A bit like Facebook; each class or school has its own 'gated' social network, including safe access to national social groups.


Document sharing is included in Masterplan. If you wish, even Windows 365 or Google Docs can be incorporated fully for free.


The ultimate system for school administration and enrollment, including all major features you need on a day to day basis!

Digital calender

A safe and closed system to arrange for all types of meetings with parents, staff, or between schools.

Online education

We offer safe and reliable distribution of learning materials, including anonymous feedback to publishers through pseudo's.